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Our milestones and highlights:
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Unser Lager in den Anfängen
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From an idea to the market leader in Europe.

Due to the textile printing company we run and the ever-increasing demands of our customers in the field of fulfilment, we had been looking for a cost-effective alternative to our plastic boxes for a very long time. Not only the expensive purchase was a big hurdle for us, but also the raw material plastic, which was discussed more and more.

After numerous hours on various search engines, we decided to simply design a storage solution ourselves. We got a large piece of cardboard and simply started building a storage box. After some modifications and testing, the prototype was ready after a few weeks.

The first prototype had a white cover, this has proved to be very useful in the end. Today, the white box has become our trademark and unique selling point .

We want to revolutionise the warehouse logistics sector with little know-how and complex processes. Achieve a lot with the simplest but best possible means. Our storage boxes offer an incredible number of advantages and improve the environment at the same time. Especially in the textile industry, storage in sustainable boxes is almost unavoidable.

2014 - 2021

We had to come up with our own solution.

In our search for a more sustainable storage solution for our own warehouse, we found little to no choice. For this reason, we decided to develop our own sustainable display storage box, which is not only made from renewable resources, but is also cost-effective and stable for our requirements.

One thought that kept running through my mind was why cardboard boxes are mainly used for shipping and not for storing goods.

First, we made a prototype out of cardboard lying around, and the proof of concept came after just a few minutes. In order to turn the idea into reality, we later went to various producers to mature and realise the prototype. The idea of the storage box was born.

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Februar 2022

The foundation of storage carton & finishing

The idea was presented to neighbouring & well-known companies and the idea was immediately accepted.soon the first companies were equipped with our storage boxes.

After the stock sample, we went back into a short revision phase. The material was revised and refined with our logo.

März 2022

Patenting the design

To protect our idea & philosophy, we have decided to patent our design in order to maintain originality.

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2022 until now
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The planning

Product development is always ongoing, we are already working on new ideas & models to offer a wider range. If you have any suggestions for improvements, please feel free to email them to us at [email protected]

Our Mission


Acting sustainably and positively is our trademark. That's why we use corrugated cardboard made from renewable raw materials and only ship in full trucks whenever possible to save emissions.

Getting better together

Our product range will grow steadily in the near future and there are already plans for improvements in material and construction. If you have any requests for improvements, please let us know at any time!

The ideal solution for you

You have countless goods and need a future-oriented storage system that is both durable and cost-effective to purchase, then you have found exactly the right one at Lagerkarton.