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Stapelbox aus Wellpappe Quer 600 x 400 x 300

600 x 400 x 300 mm

The large cardboard storage box with transverse handle sind ideal für größere Artikel wie z.B Jacken oder Heimtextilien. Mit einem Füllgewicht von bis zu 15 kg pro Fach lassen sich aber auch diverse andere Artikel problemlos unterbringen.

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Sustainable shipping

Save up to 7x on shipping costs compared to traditional plastic or metal visual storage bins.

High load capacity

With a load capacity of up to 10 kg for the picking bin "maxi", you can easily store all items.


By stacking the custom storage boxes / picking bins on Euro pallets, important storage space is maximally utilized.

A large opening for convenient storage and retrieval of items

Our open fronted storage bins are suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether sorting clothes, storing food, storing screws and small parts or accessories. The possibilities are endless. 


Double corrugated white/brown (4mm), weight per unit area approx. 600g/sqm


15 kg load capacity, 40 liters volume

Pricelist Picking Bin "Small"
from 140 pcs.3,95 EUR/Pcs. (excl. VAT)Daily price
from 280 pcs.3,65 EUR/pcs. (excl. VAT)Daily price
from 560 pcs.3,50 EUR/pcs. (excl. VAT)Daily price
from 1120 pcs.3,40 EUR/pcs. (excl. VAT)Daily price
from 2800 pcs.3,30 EUR/pcs. (excl. VAT)Daily price
from 5600 pcs.3,20 EUR/pcs. (excl. VAT)
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About sustainability

Why you should replace plastic & metal with corrugated cardboard!

Conventional stacking boxes made of plastic and metal have only one advantage over the more sustainable alternative made of corrugated cardboard: they have a higher load capacity. However, if you look at the field of application of the storage boxes, this advantage can hardly be balanced with all the other disadvantages that arise.

With storage boxes from Lagerkarton, you not only save money, because transport & purchase costs are up to 7x lower, but also contribute to a more sustainable future. The load capacity of our open fronted storage boxes is 15kg, which is easily enough for 90% of the application areas such as textile, food and other e-commerce industries. Even fully filled, despite the storage carton all the requirements in logistics & shipping.

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