The storage solution of tomorrow,
already today.

Why send cardboard through the world when it can also be useful for storage.

Sebastian | Co-Founder

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From an idea to the finished product

Due to our Textile Company and the ever-increasing demands of our customers in the area of fulfillment, we had been looking for a cost-effective alternative to our Plastic boxes. Not only the expensive purchase was a big hurdle for us, but also the raw material plastic, which was more and more hotly debated.

After numerous hours on various search engines, we simply decided to design a storage solution ourselves. We got a large piece of cardboard and simply started building a storage box. After some modifications and testing, the prototype was ready to go.

The first prototype had a white cover, this has proven to be very useful in the end. Today, the white cardboard has become our trademark and Unique selling proposition for our storage solutions.